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"Don't call me stupid! I'm cleverer than you!"

-Burt Koopa, Super Extra Bros.

Burt Koopa, is one of the Koopalings.

Appearance Edit

Burt looks like other koopalings: he is as tall as Bowser Jr., he have yellow hair and green shell. He wears protecting glasses and red shoes.

Personality Edit

Burt is quite vain, and he wants that everyone calls he "Smart", "Wise" or "Clever". He don't like that he is harassed (and he is, especially Lemmy and Iggy harass him). Burt is as clever as Iggy, and he have too "mad scientist" personality.

Relationships Edit

9-Volt: 9-Volt is same class with Burt, and he hates him on his full body.

Wario: Burt and Wario has met couple times and he don't like him (because of his red nose and of course because he is 9-Volt's friend).

Lemmy: Burt does little pranks from his brother who harass him. He steals Bob-ombs, bursts his ball and pouring water on him. He calls Lemmy "Mad circus balloon guy with stupid mohawk".

Morton Koopa Jr.: Burt always listen Morton's lectures without complain.

Game Appearances Edit

Super Extra Bros.: Burt's debut is in the extra-game Bowser's time to win. He is a playable character, and he can be unlocked by dropping Mario in lava 30 times. He also appears in Waluigi, always at backlights at final boss, throwing bombs with other koopalings, and in Stanley the Bugman, where he pours toxic on Stanley's plants.

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